Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Road To Mandalay - 1953

The Road To Mandalay - Victory at SEA episode 24 released on 12 Apr. 1953. Today, I just hangout on YouTube and find a precious video. I've never known about this video, it's great.

Japan's invasion of China in 1936 and subsequent conquest of Burma after Pearl Harbor before China's liberation was aided by the Allies especially the British as they come back to the Mandalay crossing that helped make victory possible...Lots of info for a segment that dealt with how obsessed Japan was with conquering the world starting with its Asian neighbor, China. India is also mentioned as one of the Allies that received supplies in the fight against the House of the Rising Sun. As always, stirring narration and music by, respectively, Leonard Graves and Richard Rodgers help make this episode of Victory at Sea as exciting as it is. Most highly recommended for World War II history buffs and anyone interested in real-life drama presented on film. Source@


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